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Heart2Heart partners to bring Lumo Bible films to seniors

October 20, 2022

Heart2Heart partners to bring Lumo Bible films to seniors

Local seniors will be able to experience the gospel of Jesus with a fresh perspective, thanks to a new partnership between Heart2Heart Outreach and the Bible Media Group. 

Using their Heart2Heart’s C.A.R.E. Tech iPads, seniors were able to watch realistic depictions of the Bible while listening to the words of Scripture this week. One tester of the new program — George, a resident of Pacifica Senior Living in Sunrise — repeated back the verses to himself as he watched. 

“It’s a way we’re able to bring more of the Bible, more of the word of God to seniors,” said Riana Samaroo, Heart2Heart’s community outreach coordinator.

The videos are part of the The Lumo Project, a collection of films that pairs the words of the Bible with realistic, high quality visuals to help modern audiences experience scripture with new eyes. The films are easily accessible to the seniors through the YouVersion Bible app already installed on iPads placed in care centers across Broward County.

The first four Lumo Project films feature each of the gospels, narrated word for word over actors portraying the stories of Jesus. “The Covenant” is a new film focusing on stories from the first five books of the Old Testament and comes out in 2023. 

The films have been translated into 1,218 languages, since the only words are the narration of the Bible itself. Bible Media Group has distributed the films to its partners across the globe.  

However, in the last year, the nonprofit organization began exploring outreach opportunities closer to home, said Bible Media Group coordinator TJ Orisma. Bible Media Group, part of internationally-focused ministry OneHope, is based in Pompano Beach. 

“We have a lot of partnerships outside of the United States,” TJ said. “We’re looking forward to partnering with organizations that are doing North American outreach.”

Heart2Heart will have access to the Lumo films in any language. 

“That’s definitely a benefit, since Heart2Heart serves a multinational community of seniors in South Florida,” said Riana. 

Heart2Heart volunteers already lead Bible studies and Sunday services for seniors in care centers. The Lumo films come with Bible reading plans and guides for small group studies. 

“We see these films as a powerful tool for allowing seniors to experience the gospel in a new way,” Riana said. “We’re excited to equip our volunteers with another way to meet the spiritual needs of our seniors.”

TJ said Bible Media Group strives to collaborate and provide valuable content to its partners across the globe. 

“We’re excited that Heart2Heart is now part of that network,” she said. To experience the Lumo Project, watch some of its videos on YouTube.

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