Care Centers

Visiting the aging population in care centers is where Heart2Heart began – and it’s the core of what we still do. Heart2Heart has ongoing relationships with dozens of care centers across Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. We serve in large care centers as well as the smaller facilities.

Our volunteers invest time and care into the residents of care centers and develop relationships of their own. We focus on those who don’t receive many visits from friends, who don’t have any living relatives left or those who feel isolated in their living space, maybe because of a language barrier or because they feel abandoned.

Heart2Heart is at its best when one volunteer makes an meaningful connection with a senior who is lonely – and when that feeling of isolation shrinks smaller with every visit. 

A man with a Korean veteran hat holds up a painting he made of a sailboat on a lake at sunset.
A black woman with a volunteer badge paints a block next to a resident, who's seated and painting a wooden block with red paint.

Heart2Heart Events

Our special events at care centers are a great way for new volunteers to get involved! 

A group of Heart2Heart volunteers will sign up to engage residents in a specific activity. Sometimes we help residents make a craft or guide them through painting a canvas. We’ve hosted spa days, where volunteers pamper the residents with pedicures and facials. Sometimes it’s a holiday party or interactive games.

We host events on a weekly basis, and we rotate the centers we visit. The important part of our events is not the craft or the game itself but the connections and smiles that happen during the fun.

Group activities also help new volunteers who might be a bit nervous about how to engage with seniors. Serving along other more experienced volunteers gives them the confidence to take on more volunteer opportunities. 


Level of Commitment

Events are usually one or two hours long. Opportunities to participate are offered on a weekly basis. Volunteers commit to one event at a time, as their schedule allows. Events happen during business hours on weekdays and on Saturdays, depending on the needs of the care center.

Assisting the Activities Director

Beyond the periodic Heart2Heart-hosted event, Activities Directors often need help leading regular events at their centers to keep their residents active and engaged. One or two Heart2Heart volunteers committed to a single center can make those activities more meaningful to the seniors involved.

Volunteers might help lead Bingo (a care center favorite!), serve cake at monthly birthday celebrations or help lead games planned by the Activities Director or even the volunteer.

Our goal is to connect volunteers to a center within their own community, where they can take ownership of the activities and begin to develop relationships with the residents. Face-to-Face Visits are related to this program.


Level of Commitment

We ask volunteers to commit to a care center on a regular basis, but when and how often can depend on the volunteer’s schedule. Some volunteers commit to once or twice a month, and others assist on a weekly basis. The important part is that the visits are consistent so that both the Activities Director and the residents know they can depend on the volunteer’s presence. 

Sunday Services & Bible Studies

Residents are rarely able to attend church services in person. So we bring church to them! As a faith-based organization, our volunteers can lead Bible studies and even Sunday church services for residents who are seeking God. 

Volunteers who are identified by their own church as spiritually mature will lead worship and give a devotional, helping residents dive into God’s word and understand Jesus better. The format can be similar to a Sunday worship service or look more like a small group Bible study. Our volunteers even include Catholic priests who help residents celebrate Mass. 

Recently, our volunteers began hosting Alpha groups at different care centers. Alpha is designed to start an open and honest conversation about spiritual truths with those who don’t consider themselves Christians in a non-threatening environment. The Alpha program was altered slightly to cater to the perspective of seniors.

If you have a calling to preach or teach God’s word, we have a care center where souls are hungry to hear truth.


An older woman sits with a white paper and a cup of coffee. She's wearing a shirt decorated with purple flowers and a large cross necklace. A man and a woman are sitting in the background are blurred.

Level of Commitment

Volunteer who commit to spiritual care are asked to make a weekly commitment. The length of the service or Bible study can depend on the needs of the care center residents.

Spiritual Care volunteers undergo an additional level of screening. We ask for a letter of recommendation from a pastor or a spiritual leader of the church where they attend. Our Executive Director Juan Gallo (who also serves as a pastor) will have a one-on-one conversation with any candidates.

A smiling dark-haired woman stands behind a woman with gray hair, wearing a yellow cardigan and sitting in a big leather chair.

Face-to-Face Visits

Far too many residents in care centers won’t receive any visits from family or friends. Our volunteers are beacons of hope and love against loneliness and despondency. Face-to-Face Visits are where casual connections become meaningful relationships.

Our goal is to connect volunteers to a specific care center in their community. Activities Directors can help identify individuals who don’t have regular visits from outside the center. The volunteer’s job is just to visit and talk with them. They may share in a simple activity like a puzzle or a board game. Sometimes residents are talkative. Sometimes it can be hard to


Level of Commitment

We ask volunteers to commit to a care center on a regular basis, but when and how often can depend on the volunteer’s schedule. Some volunteers commit to once or twice a month, and others visit on a weekly basis. The important part is that the visits are consistent so that residents know when they can look forward to the visit.

Join the Team!

Becoming a Heart2Heart volunteer means that you are dedicated to serving the aging community. It means you want to connect in a meaningful way to seniors. It means you are committed to a consistent amount of time per month – whether that’s several hours a week or just a few hours per month.

Heart2Heart volunteers must be background checked and trained. Our training is online, through an online portal. We run fingerprints in our office in Fort Lauderdale, and you can schedule an appointment with us after you finish the training on the portal.

The first step is to create a volunteer account on our portal. To get started, click the button below.