Community Stories

Heart2Heart is at its best when within meaningful one-on-one connections: one volunteer bringing love, hope and purpose to one senior who is lonely. These are the stories of Heart2Heart volunteers who are making all the difference in the lives of our aging saints.

You can join their efforts! You can help bring joy to seniors in homes and in care centers throughout South Florida who are battling isolation.

The Heartbeat of an Outreach

The Heartbeat of an Outreach

Malcolm Mcallister holds a special place in the story of Heart2Heart.  It wasn’t just that he developed close-knit friendships with our...

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Featured Volunteers


Nohemy is a sweet senior whom we met because she worked in the building where Heart2Heart is located. We saw how hard she worked, and it pained us that she spent so much of her earnings on bus fare to get to work.

Heart2Heart did something about it. We raised $3,000 on Nohemy’s behalf to help her purchase a 2005 Kia Sorento. Now, Nohemy uses that same car Heart2Heart bought as a volunteer.


Linda is 65 and lives in a nursing home due to a condition called dystonia, which causes her muscles contract uncontrollably. Linda’s only living relatives are cousins who live in other parts of the country.

Two years ago, Heart2Heart volunteer Erin Sitton began visiting Linda. Soon, they formed a deep connection, to the point where Erin and her husband Andy consider Linda family.