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March 16, 2022
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Heart2Heart staff pose after receiving of $69,450 from StrikeForce421 March 11.

Heart2Heart receives $69,450 to fund senior meal deliveries

FORT LAUDERDALE – StrikeForce421 awarded $69,450 to Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida during their grant award celebration on March 11. The funds will be used to launch Heart2Heart’s innovative Food for Hope program, delivering five meals a week to 50 Broward County seniors in need in partnership with Offerdahl’s Hand-Off Foundation.

“The meals will be nutritious and healthy and will be delivered by Heart2Heart volunteers who will also visit with the senior as they make the delivery,” explained Heart2Heat CEO Juan Gallo. “The goal is to decrease hunger and isolation at the same time.”

Heart2Heart received the total amount of funds requested from StrikeForce421, a giving organization that pools donations from a group of women of faith to maximize their impact in the local community. Heart2Heart was one of four finalists in StrikeForce421’s 2022 grant cycle.  

The meals will be prepared by Offerdahl’s Off-The-Grill, which has been provided emergency food to vulnerable families and first responders during the pandemic. Heart2Heart volunteers will deliver the five meals once a week. Offerdahl’s will package the delivery so seniors can easily heat up the complete and healthy meals at their convenience.

The Food for Hope deliveries will start in April. The volunteers will be paired with specific seniors in the community who are experiencing isolation and financial distress. The idea is for volunteers to develop a relationship with the senior they’re delivering to, creating a friendship that brings hope to a senior who might otherwise be lonely.

“I am so proud of our team: our board and our staff for the work they did put into designing this program and representing our organization to StrikeForce421,” Gallo said.

Food and transportation costs have increased since Heart2Heart first applied for the StrikeForce421 grant. The total cost of the program through the end of the year is now $99,450. Heart2Heart has applied for two additional grants to cover the final $30,000 needed for the program.

Heart2Heart will recruit from its existing volunteers to reach the 50 seniors in need across Broward County. If you’re interested in delivering meals to seniors, please visit or call 954-315-2218. Heart2Heart background checks and trains its volunteers.

If you or a family member is interested in becoming a recipient of the Food for Hope program, please call 954-315-2218.

Above, from left, Lynn and John Offerdahl of the Offerdahl Hand-Off Foundation pose with Heart2Heart Community Relations Director Riana Samaroo and Heart2Heart CEO Juan Gallo after StrikeForce421 announced the award of $69,450 March 11. The funds will provide regular meals to 50 Broward County seniors in need.

TOP PHOTO: Heart2Heart staff pose after receiving the grant. From left, grant writer Shaunté Young, Digital Outreach Coordinator Marisela Martinez, board President Kim Kent, CEO Juan Gallo, Executive Assistant Melissa Lopez, Community Relations Director Riana Samaroo and Volunteer Coordinator Antonella Salerno.

About Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida

Since 2010, Heart2Heart has matched hundreds of volunteers with over 90 care centers in South Florida. These committed passionate volunteers have made an incredible difference in the lives of thousands of senior citizens who would otherwise have gotten little or no visits from family and friends. In 2018, Heart2Heart launched its innovative C.A.R.E. strategy (Connect, Advocate, Respond and Engage) to respond to a growing need within the aging community. For more information, visit

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