Volunteer Opportunities

Heart2Heart Outreach has changed and expanded how it reaches seniors. We wanted to give all of our volunteers the chance to review the volunteer opportunities we offer and determine how they’d like to serve. There’s a chart with links to program descriptions to help you learn more about each program and the level of commitment each requires.

In particular, we’re looking for more volunteers to participate in our new programs: the iPads for Seniors program, which will be launching very soon, and Relief C.A.R.E., which already has a list of seniors looking for companionship.

Please review the opportunities below and fill out the simple form. Text or email us with any questions. 


Thank you! We appreciate you!

— The Heart2Heart Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer Opportunity Form

I am already a part of:

I'd like to be a part of:

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C.A.R.E Package
Drop Offs




Card Making

Letter Writing

Care Centers

H2H Group Events
& Assisting A.D.

Sunday Services
& Bible Studies


C.A.R.E. Tech

iPads for

C.A.R.E. Calls

Community Visits

Relief C.A.R.E

C.A.R.E Visits

Food For Hope

Our volunteers can become Heart2Heart Drivers, delivering C.A.R.E. packages and giving rides to seniors who can’t drive. They can help us at home with Home-Based Projects like making cozy blankets, cards, writing their pen pal or other Acts of C.A.R.E.

Volunteers can give their time in Care Centers, participating in events with other Heart2Heart volunteers, offering spiritual care through Sunday Services and the Alpha Study or creating long-term relationships with lonely residents through Face-to-Face Visits.

Volunteers in the C.A.R.E. Tech Program communicate via video calls within the iPads for Seniors program or via telephone calls. Finally, our Home-Based Community Visits encompasses the forthcoming Food for Hope programs, Relief C.A.R.E. (launching later this year) as well as C.A.R.E. visits in the private homes of seniors who live alone.

For more information on any of these programs, click on their links above.