iPads for seniors

Welcome to the C.A.R.E. Tech Program! At Heart2Heart, we continue growing and loving on our aging population because of you, our volunteers! So, thank you for all you do! This page is designed with tips and tricks to help navigate you through this process. Here, you will be able to access many things, such as how to become a volunteer, schedule your appointments, tutorial videos, and frequently asked questions. So, make sure to check out the links below.

Schedule your volunteer visits!

Click on the button below to schedule your time for in-person or virtual visits.

How to Get Involved in iPads for Seniors 

If you are interested in becoming a NEW VOLUNTEER, you can begin your process by filling out an application.

Learn with us.

Check out our step-by-step video tutorials.


Who receives the iPads?

The care centers are being provided with iPads by Heart2Heart. They will facilitate the devices for communication and brain training purposes for the residents.

How do I contact the resident?

You do not initiate the visits. The senior will send you a request through email or text on the day and time you have specified in your schedule form. To learn about virtual visits, CLICK HERE.

Can I schedule a trial virtual visit with H2H before contacting a resident?

Yes, please send an email to our digital outreach coordinator, Marlyn at: marlyn@heart2heartoutreach.org to schedule a trial, or call the office at 954-315-2218.

What if my schedule changes after I submit the 'schedule form?'

No worries! Just send an email to marlyn@heart2heartoutreach.org and submit a new form with the updated date(s) & times.

Will I be talking to the same resident every time?

Yes, we want you to be able to build a relationship with the resident. Consistent video calls with the same person help make the resident comfortable and build trust. 

Can I go visit the resident at any point while volunteering in the C.A.R.E. Tech Program?

Yes, you will need to notify our staff before you do so, as some centers have specific guidelines and requirements. This communication will make sure you are well equipped to go ahead with a physical visit.