Food For Hope

Impacting One Senior at a time with Food

Heart2Heart and Offerdahl’s Hand-off Foundation have partnered together to end the isolation and food crisis for 50 seniors in our community. We will deliver 10,000 nutritious meals over the span of 10 months by deploying 25 trained volunteers. This pilot program will allow our volunteers to deliver a nutritious meal, a care package, and the ability to sit and talk with the recipient.

What we NEED:

  1. We need 25 volunteers who can make weekly food drop-offs to two seniors in need. Each volunteer will have the opportunity to spend some time with the senior which reduces stress and loneliness for the senior.

2. Do you know a senior who needs food and/or weekly visits? CLICK HERE to sign them up or share it, if they need help!

How to Get Involved

If you are an existing volunteer, text “Food for Hope” to our volunteer coordinator at 954-807-2220

If you are a NEW VOLUNTEER, you can begin your process by filling out an application.