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Welcome to our February newsletter! This month, we want to take a moment to honor and celebrate the aging community, who bring so much wisdom, experience, and value to our society. At Heart2Heart Outreach, we are committed to ensuring that our aging loved ones receive the support and care they need to live fulfilling lives. In this newsletter, we will share stories and updates about our work with the aging community, and highlight the importance of fostering connections through an outpouring of LOVE! 

On February 14 – Heart2Heart Outreach & Care Access hosted a Valentine’s Day event for Heart Health Month! 64 Seniors came to dance, eat, learn and had an opportunity to get screened for heart disease from our community partners, Care Access. If you missed this event and want to learn more about how you can get your screening, call us at 954-315-2218 and we’ll help you schedule your appointment. But first, take a look at the video above or check it out on  Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok

Who Should be Protecting Seniors from Abuse?
A man with gray hair rests his head against his hands, next to a headline "How can I stop elder abuse?" by Juan Gallo
Volunteers Rally to Help a Senior Get Better Sleep

The strength of community translated to a comfortable night of sleep in a new bed for a senior named Sherri. Three Heart2Heart volunteers recently helped Sherri assemble a new bed and throw out the old one — simple tasks that she just couldn’t manage on her own. 

“That someone you don’t even know would help and do something like that was amazing,” Sherri said. “I was very appreciative.” Read the FULL STORY here

Damaris Pena cooks a homemade meal for a senior couple once a week, but her visits are not about the food. 

What’s more important is the time she spends playing dominoes and conversing. We named Damaris the Volunteer of the Month for February because of her thoughtfulness and how she listened for the best way to serve her senior friends. 

“She has gone above and beyond in getting to know them and growing wonderful friendships,” said Heart2Heart Volunteer Coordinator Antonella Salerno. 

Volunteer cares through homemade meals and dominoes


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